We Abide By The Rules

Refund Policy

1. Re-payment custom applies for 15 days once output is delivered after which it lapses.

2. A client may send back 15 days afterwards but at a further charge of 30% to rigorously multi-check and 50% to overhaul the output (The 30% and 50% is based on the file run time)

3. Re-payment custom strictly covers Volume A/Excellent & Volume B/High-Quality audio quality

4. We do an extra cross-checking process where quality is challenged to signal a go-ahead with the repayment request.

5. The repayment request can only be endorsed where the cross-checking process does not notch quality. The client must transmit the cross-checked copy.

6. Refund custom excludes files classified as Highly Complicated audio/video quality recordings or Rush Ordered output

7. We cannot vouch for 99% accuracy for Highly Complicated and Rush Hour batches. We cannot start from scratch again.

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