Our Other Services

We also provide other types of services for clients


Get technical transcriptions for your business starting at $0.10/min. Quality for legal experts, corporate and businesses.

Voice Over Services

Get affordable and professional voice over to meet trading exigencies, pay as low as $128. We have hordes of voice over artists.

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

Our inexpensive captioning/subtitling is available at $1 per minute for English while we charge $7 in other languages.


For bulk order typing, pay $2.63 per page and formatted we charge $4.50/page. Our audio typing rate starting at $0.10/min.

Video Services

Are you in pursuit of video services? We offer:

Video Animation

Get impeccable animation clips for $60, highly informative and comical.

Video Spokesperson

Our professionalized video spokesperson services are marked by exceptional proficiency.

Video Editing

Our industrious video editors pledge quality

Video Production

Our ingenuity and aptitude in video production gives incredible results.

We Endeavor to Unravel Translation Solutions
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